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Commercial Automatic Gate Service

We provide commercial gate repair services.  Regular maintenance is always the best approach to take, something that Alpha Gate Services & Access Control provides its customers. In most cases, commercial automatic gate service will help eliminate major repair jobs or any unexpected circumstances. The reason is that the company’s staff can often spot problem areas with these automatic gates before they become larger issues.

Commercial gates can cost you a lot of money if it breaks down.  We suggest regular maintenance to keep your commercial gate operating smoothly.. Even if something like parts replacement is needed, it’s a better alternative than a major repair.

Residential Automatic Gate Repair

We also repair residential gates.  It can be a real problem is your automatic driveway gate does not function properly.  We repair and replace openers and most everything that is part of the gate system.   Over the span of their business life, Alpha Gate Services & Access Control has been able to establish a reputation for quality when it comes to service.

While that work remains at a high level, the reality with any item is that repairs will be needed at some point. In many cases, commercial automatic gate repair is needed at an inopportune time for a company. That’s not a problem for Alpha Gate Services & Access Control, which is on call around the clock so that any emergency situation can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Reasons for Gate Repair

So exactly what can go wrong when it comes to needing such gate repair? For starters, a hinge can break due to age or rust, or it might need welding. It could focus on the wheels on the gate or the post could need repairs. Each of these drawbacks can be a hassle from having your automatic door serve the purpose it was intended to when it was first installed.

That broken wheel might be why your gate is moving so slowly, or it could be related to a loose chain, a worn out bearing or something as simple as a little more grease. The loose chain or other part may relate to your gate dragging, which occurs with normal wear and tear, but needs to be addressed.
Our professional technicians have a minimum of five years of experience working with gate services and access control. When you hire our service, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen the best-qualified team for the job.
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